Kyrias Foundation, Inc


The first step should be a one page letter of inquiry. Letters can be submitted at any time during the year, as they are reviewed on a continuous basis. We welcome the opportunity to meet with prospective grantees, but prefer to wait until after we receive a letter to determine if the meeting will be useful.

The letter of inquiry should include the following:

  • background of your organization
  • statement of the issues to be addressed and your organization's involvement with these issues
  • summary of the activities for which you are requesting funding, including what you hope to accomplish
  • current and proposed budgets, amount requested from the Foundation and information on other possible sources of support

Letters of inquiry are reviewed by the Board who determine if requests meet the Foundation's funding priorities. Those not meeting the priorities or criteria are declined. Requests that meet the priorities and criteria are given further consideration and a full proposal may be requested. Full proposals should be submitted to the Foundation only upon request. Since the Foundation receives more requests than it can fund, you should not interpret a request for a proposal as an indication of likely support.

You must submit a final Post Grant Self Evaluation report on any previous grants from the Foundation before a new proposal will be considered.  If the previous grant period is not complete by the proposal deadline, you may file an interim or status report.  A final report must be submitted before payment for a new grant will be issued.

We may request additional information from applicants and consult with persons knowledgeable about the organization and/or the proposed activities. As part of the review process, we will meet with the applicant preferably at its location. Final decisions on grants are made by the Foundation's Board of Directors.

Please send letters of inquiry to:
Kyrias Foundation, Inc.
c/o James E. Cheney, CPA, PLLC
3 Church Street, Suite D
Phelps, NY 14532