Kyrias Foundation, Inc



The KYRIAS FOUNDATION, INC. was formed by a bequest with funding instructions outlined in its mission statement.  

The donor has been extremely dedicated to various organizations, specifically to those which provide support for people during the last stages of life and that provide palliative care on a volunteer basis.  The donor has always chosen to remain anonymous and wishes that through this Foundation, the support will continue for these types of organizations, as well as others that may be deemed appropriate by the board of directors.


Human community is to sustain the individual and family throughout the lifespan. Kyrias’ mission is to empower and invigorate communities by acting through educational, recreational and health promotion measures made available to all.


Kyrias seeks to enhance community potency and effectiveness by promoting the well - being of individuals and families throughout the lifespan. Our vision is a holistic one; human well - being is a product of physical, spiritual, social, psychological, and emotional balance.

The Foundation will not award grants to organizations or for projects that the Board of Directors does not believe will benefit the community as a whole or that it believes is contrary to good public policy or local mores and standards.

We encourage requests that address multiple priorities, as well as those that bring together organizations and activists from diverse movements.

Grants are designed to help organizations increase and sustain their effectiveness.